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Magic Mirror Photo Frame
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Magic Mirror Photo Frame


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آپ پارسل کھول سکتے ہیں اور ادائیگی سے پہلے تمام اشیاء کو چیک کر سکتے ہیں


  • Type: Photo Mirror
  • Size: 8.5in X 2in X 9.5in (l x b x h)
  • Material: Glass

A magic mirror that transforms into an illuminated photo frame with just the push of a button.

This is a special LED fitted  magic mirror heart photo frame. The frame appears like a mirror in normal condition but the photo inside appears magically when you switch it on.  The LED lights lit up and the picture inserted inside appears.

Operated by USB power (only USB cable included) or 3pcs AA battery.  (batteries not included)

The uploaded picture will be printed on photo paper and will be inserted within the frame and you will receive the ready product. Later, if you want you can change the picture on your own.

Frame size: 24 cm x 22 cm
Quality: Premium Quality


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