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12Pcs Flameless Tealight Candles
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12Pcs Flameless Tealight Candles



آپ پارسل کھول سکتے ہیں اور ادائیگی سے پہلے تمام اشیاء کو چیک کر سکتے ہیں

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  • WARM AMBIANCE WITHOUT THE MESS – Our LED tealights are designed to set the perfect mood for any occasion. No more cleaning candle drips or worry about starting a fire. Simply flick the switch to turn it on and enjoy the warm flickering lights.
  • SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE – Our battery-powered tea lights last 2x longer than our competitors and come with pre-installed batteries for your convenience. All 24 candles can last for days without turning them off. They measure at 1.5 x 2 inches and fit into most candle holders.
  • EXTREMELY REALISTIC – We hand-craft each LED tea light to replicate the look & flicker of a real candle. Don’t be surprised when your visitors try to blow them out.
  • PERFECT FOR EVENTS – These flameless tealights are the diva of any event with their beautiful flickering light. Whether you are planning a wedding, surprise proposal, or an ambient dinner, our lights will serve your every need.
  • AMAZING QUALITY, LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY – The Vont Flameless Tealights comes with a lifetime product warranty. This no-questions-asked perk ensures that your purchase delivers the quality you deserve.


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